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Charming and Feminine perfume review: Dior Hypnotic Poison EDT

One quick way to feel feminine is to spritz on some perfume. Even on the most of dullest day I always feel revived when I am wearing a gorgeous perfume. And it is feeling feminine that makes you step into your femininity. My newest discovery and love is the alluring Dior Hypnotic Poison. This sexy […]

Review: Estee Lauder lipstick Envy Matte 211 Aloof

It has been a hot minute since I last shared my opinions about a makeup product. Cosmetics will always spark my interest as makeup is a big creative outlet for me. So today I have the pleasure of sharing all the ins and outs of the Estee Lauder lipsticks. A true gem in the luxury […]

Twilight inspired wedding photos to ask your photographer

Twilight has a special place in my heart. And so does The Vampire Diaries. I am a sucker for eternal love stories and the supernatural. There is just something so exciting and fascinating about. As a vampire lover I always dreamed of having that incorporated in my wedding. Today I share my professional wedding photos […]


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Review: Is the Louis Vuitton Alma BB worth the money?

Buying a designer bag can be a great investment, but I do believe bags and designer items are also meant to be enjoyed. Enjoying your life is priceless and I believe getting yourself a handbag you enjoy using is an investment in your life. I personally adore the Louis Vuitton brand because it has been […]

Must see Luxury hotel in Cape Town

Those who seek luxury and nature in Cape Town will find everything they long for at the Vineyard Hotel. This luxury hotel offers quality and service in the heart of Cape Town. Today I will be reviewing my stay at, in my eyes, the best hotel in Cape Town: The Vineyard Hotel. Do you love […]

Real wedding photos inspiration for real brides part 1

As a 2022 bride myself I know how much I would have liked to see more real wedding photos from real brides. So that is why I am sharing my professional wedding and bridal photos, because I know how much inspiration and excitement seeing real brides and real wedding photos can give. Of course I […]

How I did my bridal makeup myself

When I started planning my wedding I put a lot of thought into getting a wedding hair and makeup artist. Most advice that is given to brides to be claims to get a really good makeup and hair professional for the big day. But I am here to show you that you can also do […]

Feminine & Preppy outfit inspiration

Hello beautiful darlings! Today it is time to channel your inner girl, because we are going to dive into feminine and preppy outfits for this spring. This look consists of an a-line skirt and pretty blazer to create a feminine and preppy silhouette. Totally Legally Blonde inspired of course! Elle Woods is so iconic and […]

A touch of luxury: pampas feathers

Luxury can be defined in many ways. Although we can all agree when your house truly feels like your home now that is a feeling of luxury and richness. Lately I have been super into interior design and picking out all the right pieces for our new house. Beautiful vases with flowers always give a […]

Classic and Feminine summer outfit

On the Northern Hemisphere summer is coming in a few months and although the weather outside is frightfully winterish, one can never be early (or late) enough with the search for timeless wardrobe pieces. As feminine women we radiate our feminine touch, and the right outfit helps with that. Today I am sharing a timeless […]

My Forest Fairytale Wedding

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of fairytale weddings. The groom was always the charming prince and the Disney Princess always played the beautiful bride. Most of these fairytale weddings were set in forest like settings, surrounded by the charm of nature and animals. I did not consciously realise that deep in […]

Fairytale wedding highlights video

Almost a week ago I had my dream wedding. Time flies by so fast. Yet I am so happy that we have captured our wedding day in beautiful film and make time stand still. The videographer at our wedding is Kirsty from Pelicula Productions, based in Port Elizabeth. For us, having a videographer was not […]

Say yes to the dress

I grew up watching the cute show called Say yes to the dress on TLC. I loved seeing all these brides trying on gorgeous wedding gowns and some buying their dream dress. I knew I also wanted my group of girls to share the joy with me of finding my dream wedding dress. But it […]

Classic & Vintage wedding inspiration

I got married! And we lived happily ever after… My partner and I celebrated our dream wedding on Saturday the 19th of February 2022 in South Africa. Our wedding theme was the true fairytale wedding. I am going to tell you more about our dream day in another post, because today I want to share […]

Bride to be: my engagement story

Hello dear lady, how are you today? I have some news, that I have not shared here before. Last year in September my partner and I were in Paris. The city of love. J’adore! We were celebrating my quarter century birthday there, what turned out te be my dream come true. My partner proposed to […]

Review: salon Hair Botox

Who wants shiny lustrous hair? I do! However, I want my hair to be healthy and I stand super much against chemical treatments on the hair. After my research I just believe that chemical treatments are not the solution for healthy hair and only a temporary fix for Lucious locks. So I am beyond thrilled […]

Cape Town Travel guide #2

In a couple weeks time I will be traveling back to South Africa. The perfect time to revisit my Cape Town memories to write the ultimate travel guide for this beautiful South African destination. In this post you can read my perfect guide to start and/or end your trip to Cape Town with some must […]

Country side outfit inspiration

The country side can be just as fashionable as the metropolitans! Country side fashion consists of natural materials and high quality items for the purpose of being durable and comfortable while still looking chic. I personally love the fashion looks and outfit inspiration of country side bloggers and influencers. As a country fashionista myself I […]

Outfit inspiration for Paris

My favorite city of Europe must be Paris. Paris is the city of love and home to fashion. Something in the air of Paris makes you feel romantic and jet setting. For my birthday I was so lucky enough to have a sweet getaway to this beloved city. I totally adore glamour and luxury so […]

Flowy midi for the end of summer

September has started and although I love autumn outfits, here in the Netherlands the weather is still warm. To make the most of the last summer days in Europe a perfect midi dress will do. This feminine dress embodies womanhood with the delicate blue flowers. The flowy silhouette and material of this midi dress catch […]

Cape Town Travel guide #1

South Africa is a wonderful travel destinations with her breathtaking nature, rich culture and splendid wildlife. When you go to South Africa a visit to Cape Town, the capital, is a must. I loved my week in Cape Town with the endless options to have fun! This post is the first one with tips for […]


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Review: Luxury handbag classic Chanel 2.55 reissue in ICONIC black aged leather.

Is the Chanel 2.55 reissue handbag worth the money?