About me

Hello dear lady. A warm welcome to this blog.

Hello dear lady. A warm welcome to this blog. I wish you find here the inspiration, entertainment and messages you are looking for. Life is valuable through the meaning we give to it. And it means the world to me to have your attention here. Thank you for being wonderful!

My name is Brenda Felicia. I am 26 years old and I have a taste for the finer and feminine things in life. I have always had a sparking ambition and geared it towards multiple purposes. This resulted in me becoming a wife in 2022, marketing professional, Miss World Netherlands 2019-21, participating in sales competitions like the World Cup of Sales 2020, ambassador for the Dutch United Nations & other charities, volunteering in South America, being a model and a femininity tutor. There are still many dreams I wish to fulfil!

My next purpose is helping women like yourself achieve the lives they dream of. We deserve it!

Xoxo Brenda

My platform reaches more than 2000 views a month on this blog.

Brenda Felicia Muste Nel