The power of Manifestation

Manifestation, probably the most popular word of 2021, was made popular in the mainstream with the release of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The Secret explained the Law of Attraction to us all and manifestation is the technique to make the law work for you. Once you are aware about manifestation you come across the power of it time after time. There is no escaping of such natures laws, since they are all around us like energy. The truth is everything that we experience in our lives is manifested either intentionally or unintentionally by ourselves. Hence manifestation is ruled by the Law of Attraction. We attract into our lives those actions, events and objects that we give our energy to.

As a child I was already using the Law of Attraction and thus the power of manifestation on a subconscious level. As an example, I remember that on Easters day I was always the one of my two siblings who found all the big Easter eggs with a toy inside, afterwards I shared those big eggs with my siblings, but it was no coincidence that I was always the one who found all of them: I focused with positive, grateful energy on finding these eggs and what joy the surprise of those mini toys would bring us. Another example was that whenever I was with my parents in the car I imagined a hundred boxes of all the Barbie dolls I wanted under my bed and that I would find them as soon as we came home. I made myself so excited, feeling blessed and utterly grateful picturing the moment I found all those Barbie dolls under my bed. However, whenever I came home and ran to my room to look all excited under my bed, I did not find those dolls. It was just months later on Christmas Day when my family spend the day at friends and we arrived home where me and my two siblings all found a huge sack on our beds filled with yes, toys. Manifestation is a process and it showed me that you just need to believe in your core that whatever you are wishing for is already yours. Because only then it is truly yours.

It was only years after when I found out about the Law of Attraction and what manifestation actually is. To help you on this journey to unlock the secrets to make the Law of Attraction consciously work for you, I decided to share my personal experiences as examples for you and the tips and tricks that work for me personally to manifest my dream life. You also deserve to manifest your dream life. I wish for you that all your dreams and wishes come true. You can dream it, so you can do it and you definitely deserve it.

Another major life change that I manifested was winning the most prestige pageant title within my nation: Miss World Netherlands. I started dreaming about pageants from the age of 13 when I saw a video of a beautiful girl answering a question during the Miss Universe pageant. I thought to myself ‘wow, that girl is so beautiful and special’ and I really looked up towards her and the other contestants, but imagining myself in a pageant was not happening. Later when I was around 16 years old one of my friends told me I was a typical feminine, pageant girl and that I should enter the regional pageant. I did not listen to her but it did spark my interest. Another couple years later when I was 20 years old someone from this regional pageant told me that I was a perfect candidate and that I should enter. I could not really believe it, but I started investigating the pageant and what is was about. After a couple months I got scouted by the management of this pageant and I decided to enter. From the casting day, where I became a finalist, I knew I wanted to be a successful pageant girl that represented my country on the international stage. I believed I had everything it takes, but I was not grateful enough. I ended first runner up and second runner up for the two titles. A year after I entered Miss World Netherlands where I did win the national title. I won this title by believing in myself against all odds, by being grateful for all the events and experiences I got as a finalist and by believing that the best girl would win. I started to live my life as how I would live it as a winner. No matter the result I am still me and I have this bright future ahead of me, is what I thought. By living as a winner without fear for the finale result I ended up winning the title. My heart was full of gratitude throughout the process, I believed in myself fully and I did not feel any negative energy towards others or the whole experience. That manifested my dream.

As an additional example, during the trajectory towards Miss World while competing with 111 other countries I unfortunately had a bit of negative energy. The negative energy resulted in that I felt like I was not ready, that my photos were not representing me in the way I wanted and on the first days of the pageant I was not able to show my personality to the fullest due to some insecurities and uncertainties. After these initial two days I regained my confidence, happiness and positive energy back and I had a wonderful time representing my beautiful country. Truly one of the best times of my life. Thinking back I am immensely proud of my performance and how I represented my country, I did the best I could. Although I really tried to manifest winning Miss World, sometimes we are destined for things greater than what we imagined as our dreams. And I believe that is also incredibly important to keep in mind when working on Manifestation.

Like any other nature law that has always been there, such as Newton’s Laws of Motion ‘Everything that comes up must come down’, the Law of Attraction is always around us. We can let the Law of Attraction attract our greatest dreams towards us by manifestation. Manifestation is simple, yet sometimes the most simple things are complex due to personal reasons. To make manifestation as effective as possible, finding the right techniques and routine is key. These techniques are personal for everyone and what works for me, may not work for you due to the believes that are programmed in our brain since our creation. These steps are what works for me personally to manifest anything I dream of:

  • Visualize: visualize what you dream of, what you feel when this dream is yours and why you dream of it, visualize yourself living that dream and every aspect that is part of it, as if it is already yours.
  • Write it down: write down what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it and how you want to achieve it. Be as specific as possible without thinking too much about how it will come to you, just believe it will come to you because it is already yours.
  • Practice gratitude and positive thinking: gratitude and positive thinking keep you on high frequencies where you feel good. That results in attracting more of those good things you send high energy too.
  • Let it go: What you dream of is already yours, when you truly believe something is already yours, you are able to let it drift to the back of your mind. The Universe will make sure you get what it already yours.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Did these tips help you? And what techniques are helping you manifest effectively?

Xoxo Brenda

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