Bride to be: my engagement story

Hello dear lady, how are you today? I have some news, that I have not shared here before. Last year in September my partner and I were in Paris. The city of love. J’adore! We were celebrating my quarter century birthday there, what turned out te be my dream come true. My partner proposed to me in the most romantic way and I said yes. So today I will be sharing my endearing engagement story.

First of all, I would like to explain why I am making the proposal story public. I have always dreamed of getting married and romantic big gestures. I truly believe there are women like you and me who would love to get a romantic grand proposal and who get inspired and who get in the right mind set from reading and seeing these amazing proposals. That is why I am sharing my story and sharing how I felt during this wonderful time and what led up to the proposal. I truly wish other women who are not yet engaged or married, but do wish they were, come into the position where they are more open to receiving a man’s love and affection (and thus the proposal and marriage). Everyone deserves to get the proposal and husband of their dreams. Just like I have…

So my partner surprised me with a surprise road trip to Paris for my birthday. He booked us into a gorgeous suite on the Disney premise. We had lovely moments and activities. A true romantic get away. I love quality time and doing new things really excited me. We spend time in the Disneyland park, in restaurants, in the Louvre, on the Champs-Élysées and all those picture perfect Parisian spots. I was enjoying every minute and felt like a princess.

For my birthday dinner, my partner made a reservation on a luxurious boat on the river Seine for a romantic 4 course dinner. We walked onto the boat and were guided to the front to a secluded table with a straight view ahead of the gorgeous Paris scenery. Our table was the only one decorated with red rose petals. Very romantic. It made me so happy that my partner put so much effort in organizing a surprise for me. I felt really loved and special.

We made our choices on the menu and of course my partner ordered for me. I just love to be in my feminine element where my partner takes care of me and makes my life easier. Our food got paired with amazing wines. The first course I chose was the foie gras. Extremely delicious and I just love the luxury of it. I felt truly like a star. We were living our best lives.

Shortly before the main course would be served, we came across the sparkling and glittering Eiffel Tower. The lights beamed against the night sky. My partner took my hand and took a moment for a very heartfelt speech. He told me how much I mean to him and how he wants to spend his whole life with me. I felt so light and loved. Time stood still and nothing else matters, expect just us too. I felt like we were in this heavenly bubble and I could not hear or see anything besides my partner. My partner got up from his chair, went on one knee and revealed the most gorgeous diamond ring to me. But to be honest it could have been any ring I said yes too. I got overwhelmed by feelings of pure joy and bliss. I felt like as the whole world came together in one piece. This is what completion feels like. Everything felt right in that moment. And I said yes.

What is your dream proposal? Remember, all dreams can come true!

Xoxo Brenda

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