Captivate your Charm #1

The road to femininity and stepping fully into your feminine energy can feel perhaps difficult or slightly unclear. In a world where women learn from a young age that masculine traits and energy are needed to function in society, it can be quite tricky to unlearn these masculine habits and thought patterns that we picked up through the years. Sometimes we might not even be aware of this not feminine behavior, which is causing us stress, a burned-out feeling and driving our men away from us. Femininity helps us feel more grounded, more in our element and fulfills our relationships (as friends, mothers, daughters and partners) while we are blissed with serenity. To help you bring forward your feminine charm, I gathered these daily teachings about feminine energy for everyday life. This post will be part of a series with daily teaching for Femininity in the most practical sense. Together we find our inner Charm.

Stop controlling the outcome of situations

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you did not like the direction everything seemed going? For example, your dad is helping you move and the way he is moving your stuff does not appeal to your liking. Perhaps you are afraid your item gets damaged, or a different way of carrying the item would be more efficient. I have found myself numerous times in such positions. My initial reaction is to guide my dad and tell him how I would do it. That is such a controlling thing to do. Controlling outcomes of situations is an extremely masculine habit. Controlling these micro situations would make me feel in control, but also stressed out and a bit overpowering. I am definitely not in my element when I am controlling how other people handle situations for example. To stop controlling the outcomes of situations, helps you step into laidback receiving feminine energy. The moments I decided it would not concern me how other people handle the situation I felt more relaxed, more laidback and absolutely feminine. I received in these moments. My dad would do the job and help me with it. The man in such situations is happy to help out, which puts the man in his masculine energy. Men are givers and love controlling situations in their deepest nature. I promise you that the moment you stop controlling and micro managing situations, you will feel like the epitome of a feminine goddess. Let it go, watch the situation unfold and be ready to receive. People will love to spend time with you when you are feeling good.

Feel feminine by slowing down

Life goes so fast, no wonder we have to take time to smell the roses along the way. Femininity is all about living in the moment. Living in the present gives fulfillment and makes every moment seem to last forever. Women who know how to take their time and not feel rushed, feel so much freedom and liberation. We can experience this serenity too, by simply allowing ourselves to be woman and live in the moment. To enjoy every moment with every cell of our body. Femininity is all about body experiences and feeling these sensations in our body. We have been given this moment as our present. It is our duty to receive this present and enjoy it. Feminine energy is all about receiving energy, staying in the present and flowing in situations. Funnily enough, the whole universe is connected. Another major part of feminine energy is being flexibel, this means flowing in situations and that receiving energy. Flexibility is shown in the female body when a woman goes into labor and brings new life to the world. Furthermore, to feel feminine by slowing down means to allow yourself to take more time to answer someone. You are allowed to think about what you want and how you communicate your needs. A woman should never feel rushed for unnecessary reasons. Slowing down gives more meaning to the present and helps you regain that feminine charm from within.

Get creative

Women are the creators of life. We are also the creators of many more things, like creative products, music, recipes, etcetera. Unleashing your creative side brings out the flowing element of your feminine energy. Taking out those music notes, pencils, canvases, dance music, baking tools and brushes will help you bring out your feminine charm. Besides your feminine energy are those creative activities also stimulating your brain and fulfill the duty of hobbies.

These are this weeks Feminine Charm tools to master. Any questions?


Xoxo Brenda

Miss Brenda Muste in the crystal pink Sonata dress from Diva Catwalk in Amsterdam venue

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