How to: live as a modern Grace Kelly

Your thoughts, your vibrations, create your reality. If you want to live an elegant life, it is most definitely possible for you. Anything your heart desires is meant for you. Grace Kelly is one of the best examples to show the power an individual has over their own life.

Known for her beauty, Grace first stole the hearts of a nation by becoming one of Hollywood’s best actresses. Grace became such a successful actress because of her vibration, she attracted those roles and nominations into her life. Grace went on to date Prince Rainier III of Monaco, although Grace was of no royal background while she was acting the role of a princess in a movie. Her vibrations during that role attracted a real life prince into her life, which she later on married. Although her story may not have ended on a positive note, Grace’s elegant life showed the power she had over her own life. Her story is just one of the many stories that are real evidence of the power of our vibrations.

Our vibration can be on many levels and an elegant life is all about the elegance that lies in your heart and the elegance you radiate. The higher your vibration (energy you radiate), more of what your heart desires you attract in your life. A high vibrance you radiate when you feel on top of the world. This feeling is free, positive, full of joy and love. You can higher your vibration by releasing feelings that no longer serve you, such as releasing insecurities and negativity. You higher your vibration by doing the things that you love and the things that give you energy. Anything that drains you is lowering your vibration. For an elegant, meaningful life we want our vibration to be high! Try having neutral or positive thoughts without insecurities and limiting beliefs, feel confident with the person you are becoming and dive in the things that bring you joy. This is the fundament of living life with elegance, like a modern-day Grace Kelly.

Secondly, practice your poise. An elegant lady knows how to carry herself. Practice good posture, feminine movement and have confidence in yourself. You are meant to be who you want to be. For examples of poise, you can watch movies with Old Hollywood actresses, watch videos from royalty and look up posture and poise tutorials. This post I wrote specifically for you to help us ladies practice our elegant poise.

Everything comes together when you truly feel like a feminine woman. By igniting a siren like behavior, you will feel more feminine in an instant. Femininity is within every woman, just sometimes we have to practice to step into our feminine energy. I wrote meaningful posts with daily teachings about how to unlock your femininity here.

Further more, elegance is about a pure heart with good intentions. An elegant lady does not look down at others, she has a wonderful life of herself and respects other people and animals. When you release all trauma and insecurities, you will find that life is so joyful and light. Your heart will be pure and filled with good intentions. It might be a good idea to release insecurities through therapy, shadow work and deep inner work. Negativity can really stand in your way of becoming who you want to be. You can be who you want to be, read more here about the power we woman have.

Which brings us to the following: Elegance is a state of mind. You have to believe you are elegant in order to feel elegant. Believe is at the core of our very existence. Without believe, there is nothing. Believe is powerful. You are powerful. Believe in yourself. Believe is the foundation, but we need passion to bring meaning to our lives. Follow your passion, like Grace Kelly followed her passion for acting and arts. Feel excitement for the things you do and you will feel amazing.

Lastly, elegance in looks is not an one-size-fits-all. You can explore with retro inspired, elegant clothing, hairstyles and makeup. Or you can redefine elegance yourself if you like. I personally love classic silhouettes in fashion! It just makes me feel so much more elegant than trends do.

How do you feel most elegant?

I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead. Xoxo Brenda

Grace Kelly's Forever Look | Vanity Fair
Grace Kelly from Vanity Fair

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