Feel like an Old Hollywood star!

You can achieve anything your heart desires! All that you can dream of, all that makes you happy, is destined for you because it is all in alignment with your higher purpose. When you want to feel glamorous, like an Old Hollywood star, you are destined to feel like one. You truly are destined to have and feel all that you desire. Hence, your destiny requires you as a person and the effort you put in to achieve what your heart desires. Miracles happen on a daily basis, but miracles do not happen when you do not put in effort, faith and purpose. Today I will be sharing my top tips to help you unleash that inner goddess. With these practices, I guarantee you that you will feel marvelous, feminine and like a million dollars.

First: Get inspired

Inspiration comes to everyone, you just need to look in the right place. You will find your inspiration within your purpose. If you purpose is still a little unclear to you, you will find inspiration in all the things you enjoy. You can find inspiration in the sunlight, in nature, looking at art, through dancing or cooking, watching YouTube videos. I am sure there are at least 5 things right now within your reach that can give you inspiration. Inspiration hangs closely with motivation. When one is inspired it is easy to find the motivation to take action. That bright light of motivation is what gives meaning and purpose to your day. No one feels really good when they are unmotivated, restless, bored, sleazing at home, or do you?

Especially that feeling of inspiration/motivation/bright light from within will help you feel like a Hollywood star!

Secondly: Find your inner sexy

Feeling like a vintage star is not all about looks, although I personally love to express myself through being busy with my looks. But feeling like a Hollywood star is all about expressing your inner sexy. This means putting on flattering clothes at home, like beautiful yet comfortable loungewear. Putting on a light body splash as a light perfume will make you smell fabulous. Feeling sexy is all about the senses. And for us women, there is no better way than to express our bodies in a physical activity. Indulge in music, dancing, fitness, running, horse riding or anything that makes you feel good. What makes you feel good, helps you find your inner charm.

To finish it off: Give important meaning to every moment in your day

This may sound vague, but I will do my best to explain this practice to you: act as if every single thing you do in a day is having a huge impact in the movie that is your life. See your day as your story and the way you carry yourself shows the main character: which is you! For example, when you wakeup think about this moment as a fresh start in your story. When you get up to drink tea, really enjoy every sip of it. The moments in your day will feel immensely important when you put so much thought into each moment. This way of living will help you stay in the moment, which will help you step deeper into your feminine energy and thus resulting in you feeling like a goddess. Enjoy every day!

What makes you feel like the star you are?

Xoxo, Brenda

Classic Hollywood portrait | Photography by Pixabay Pexels.com
Classic portrait of Miss World Netherlands Brenda Felicia in Old Hollywood style | Photography by Through G&B Lens
Classic portrait in Old Hollywood style | Photography by Through G&B Lens

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