We are Woman

Girlfriends, sisters, mothers, superwomen. We are woman and we are power. We are every woman and every woman is superwoman, including you and me. We can achieve anything we put our minds and hearts to. We are the creators of life. This post is meant to empower us and to appreciate our femininity. In this modern world many women have to step into masculine roles. Unfortunately, these masculine roles drive us out of our feminine energy into masculine energy. This makes women feel stressed, competitive and too worried with strategizing, planning and expansion. It is my life goal to help women step back into their feminine energy to feel truly happy and divine. I hope this text will inspire you to seek inward for your feminine energy and how that energy makes you feel.

As women, we feel, we sense and we love. There is nothing like the nurturing love of a woman. Love is what makes us women. Hence, our hearts and bodies thrive on love: love for our creations, love for our surroundings, love for our world and love for ourselves. From my environment and personal experience I notice that sometimes we seem to lose that strong sense of love because we have to step more into masculine energy. To feel more feminine it is a great exercise to look at all the things you love deeply. For example I love to look in the eyes of my beloved pet and feel the love I have for him grow so strong inside me. Love takes over my heart when I look in the eyes of my partner, or my parents. Feeling love is like life elixir for us women. Whenever you feel not so feminine, it is a wonderful exercise to feel true love within your heart.

When we look in history we see women as revolutionists, inventors, entrepreneurs, doctors, astronauts, friends, sisters and mothers. No matter what we do in life, we all have purpose and we all sprinkle our magic in the life around us. Women wrote history and women are creating love, life & creativity right at this moment in time. We are the energy that lives in the here and now. We are the receiving energy. Moreover, We flow with the situation with kindness in our hearts and intuition & emotion in our core. Whenever we might feel down, we simply need to remind ourselves of the Divine energy from our core. Because we are wonderful creatures who grow babies in our wombs, we can love unconditionally, we let our creativity flow, we are thriving when we are living in the moment, we are beautifully sensitive and emotional while being highly intuitive. All these characteristics make us women feminine. This is my second exercise to regain feminine energy: feel gratefulness in your core for being a woman and what being a woman means to you. Our Femininity is Divine. Please do not mistake me, both Femininity and Masculinity are Divine but we women do truly thrive on feminine energy.

Lastly, as women it is really valuable that we feel like we can express ourselves. This means speaking from our feelings and expressing what we feel inside. It also truly helps to express yourself to creativity. Creativity can be let out in many ways, like: dancing, writing, painting, putting on make-up, playing, crafting, cooking recipes, decorating and organizing. It is so important to find your inner voice and to find a way to let that inner voice express herself. I believe we will all feel totally liberated by doing so.

What makes you feel more in your feminine energy?

Happy Wednesday, ladies!

Xoxo Brenda

Stepping into your feminine energy for happiness and feeling divine
Stepping into your feminine energy for happiness and feeling divine

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