The power of Manifestation #2

Manifestation is not something you can do one moment and stop manifesting the next moment. Just like the continuing beating of your heart, you are also always manifesting your life. Hence, why I decided to make a series of this ‘the power of Manifestation’ post. Everything that happens in your life, you have manifested yourself. We all manifest our lives by attracting what our vibration attracts. We attract what we gear our energy towards. We attract what we clutter our mind with. This is exactly the reason why manifesting the things we want is not always easy. You have to align with your desires on every front. To help you manifest, this post will give you daily teachings to change your vibration, energy and in the purpose of rewiring your conditioned believe system.

Let’s start with the fundament of Manifestation. The foundation of life lies in believe. If you fully believe that you will not wake up tomorrow for an example, you will attract that occurrence into your existing life. This is why sometimes terribly sick people make an unexpected recovery, these patients believed they would recover. There are people in this world that were told that they would never be able to walk again, and yet they managed to learn how to walk again! All because, firstly they believed in themselves. I understand that sometimes it can be quite difficult to start believing something else than what you were conditioned to believe. To break through your current believe system, you have to find evidence of people in similar situations who turned their life around. I found this evidence in stories of celebrities, like Grace Kelly (read more here), movies and books. Books that I have read myself and fully recommend are:

  • Limitless by John Wick
  • The Secret (1), The Magic (2), The Power (3), The Greatest Secret (4) by Rhonda Byrne
  • The compound effect by Darren Hardy
  • Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear

  • Of course, there are many more great books to help you broaden your world. The amount of books I still wish to read is growing by the day, so I will update this list regularly.
  • Another technique to change your beliefs is by doing deep inner work. This means going to therapy to uncover what is holding you back in life or doing this inner work yourself. In addition to this, you will have to monitor your thoughts consistently every day. Every time you notice a thought that is not in alignment with your desires, you convert the thought in something that is benefiting you. Only through consistency, effort and work you can change your beliefs. And all your beliefs have strong emotion and vibration behind it. When you want to believe something you have to feel the emotion that the result of the believe will give you, as if you already have it.
  • Secondly, when you truly believe something that believe turns itself into a burning desire. If you can believe you can do something, you will do it. To come back to our example of the patients who were told they were never able to walk again: they believed they would relearn to walk, so their burning desire came into existence to learn how to walk again. This fueled their desire for action, hence how they learned to walk again. So, if you truly believe in something that believe will attract opportunity into your life. But opportunity without action is just a missed chance. Your desire to achieve whatever you are manifesting should be enough to act upon opportunity. I can understand that it can be quite daunting to take a leap of faith with a presented opportunity. But if you truly believe you will succeed, that leap of faith is worth taking because your desires will be met either way.

    To help you with manifesting your desires into your life, you have to be aligned with your desires at all times. A simple way for quick alignment is creating a vision board to remind yourself of what is meant for you. When your heart is filled with gratitude, love and purpose when you shift your energy towards your vision board, that is when the magic happens. Another way to reach your manifestations is to keep a journal. In this journal you write all the things that you are manifesting as if it already happened, with dates, details and emotion. This helps you believe and live as if it is already yours, which is key for manifestation.

    Do these manifestation helpers help you in your journey to become who you desire to be?

    Have a blessed day!

    Xoxo Brenda

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