Chic city trip outfit ideas for Dublin

Sometimes it is just nice to not over complicate things. Last week I went on a city trip to Dublin – Ireland and I did not want to pack too much clothes. I believe we women can look very elegant and put together in simple outfits too. For example, putting on a dress does not require much thought, yet a beautiful dress can make the lady wearing it look amazing. So today I am sharing the structure that I use for planning sophisticated outfits for a casual purpose.

Beforehand I looked up the weather of Dublin and I found that the forecast showed a temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius and rain bursts. I find this a practical starting point for my outfits. For this specific weather I decided I wanted to take a nice fitting trench coat. A trench coat looks so chic and is perfect for the rain. The details of this trench coat are black so knew I wanted to bring my black Chanel ballet flats. I can walk days on ballet flats, so they are very comfortable and practical for me. I also think ballet flats are a truly classic staple. Based on these items I decided I wanted to bring my black Chanel 2.55 and my Louis Vuitton Alma bb. These bags are also very classic and perfect for sightseeing due to the straps. Yet these bags are very elegant and make my outfits look more posh. Read my review about the Chanel reissue flap 2.55 here and if the Louis Vuitton Alma bb is worth the money here.

I also recommend taking with a blazer or type of elegant jacket so you can dress warmer or alternate. Of course, I highly advise to always wear your set of signature jewellery to level up your appearance.

So now you have the basis of all your city trip outfits covered:

  1. A type of overcoat: trench coat, blazer, etc.
  2. Matching shoes that are practical for you yet elegant.
  3. Matching handbag.
  4. Your signature jewellery

For the outfit itself I recommend to only bring high quality garments that are quite neutral. I brought knitted tops in neutral colors, a light pink tweed skirt and black trousers. To liven up my outfit I added a hair band, because it looks very classic on me. For dressing up I brought a classic dress and high heels. A good outfit can be quite simple!

My elegant darlings, I am thinking of creating video content too in the near future. What is your opinion about that? Have a blessed week. Love xoxo Brenda.

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