Review: Is the Louis Vuitton Alma BB worth the money?

Buying a designer bag can be a great investment, but I do believe bags and designer items are also meant to be enjoyed. Enjoying your life is priceless and I believe getting yourself a handbag you enjoy using is an investment in your life.

I personally adore the Louis Vuitton brand because it has been around since 1854(!), making the brand iconic over the last centuries. Many famous and elegant ladies have been seen wearing the Louis Vuitton Speedy and Alma. Among others Audrey Hepburn, Blake Lively, Kirsten Dunst and Angelina Jolie love the bags by this French designer. Although Louis Vuitton has been imitated and is worn by a lot of different people, I still think some pieces are worth your time. Because it is not the clothes that make the woman, but the woman that makes the clothes. A woman can be elegant and sophisticated in low cost, thrifted clothing. And I do believe a woman can look classy, elegant and sophisticated with a Louis Vuitton bag. So that is why my husband bought me a beautiful Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Damier Ebene.

My husband and I went to a boutique in Germany, where we haven’t been before to purchase this handbag. The service of our sales assistant was lovely. She was sweet, showed us a variety of items, offered us chocolates and champagne and did not rush us into anything. I ended up getting the LV Alma and a matching wallet. My husband bought me the bag last year, so I had a lot of time to think about my experience. I got an incredible amount of use out of this bag, because it is the perfect size for daily errands with the crossbody strap. This bag is easy to put on and to hold my necessities. The bag is also not too posh to seem out of place when running errands. When you carry the bag by the top handle, the bag becomes very classy and feminine. You can definitely use this handbag to dress up your outfit in a chic occasion.

I love the quality of my Louis Vuitton items so far. I have a belt, two begs and a wallet. After more than a year of use, everything still looks brand new. So I am very pleased with the quality and I don’t understand why other people say the quality of Louis Vuitton has come down? Because all my items are exactly what I would expect from a high quality, luxury item. So I review the LV Alma BB as excellent quality and a luxurious handbag. The color is on point, the stitching if flawless: all the elements of the bag/packaging/service are up to the mark. I feel like the Alma BB will be an addition to many wardrobes and I can only recommend to get this beautiful piece.

The Louis Vuitton Alma BB price of this bag is 1.300 euros when ordered on the European website. These iconic handbags of Louis Vuitton resell well and Louis Vuitton does increase the prices regularly. I believe this specific purse (Louis Vuitton Alma BB) will be in style for the next 50 years at least.

Fun fact: the Louis Vuitton Alma was first designed in 1934. Rumor has it that the Alma was specifically designed and made for Madam Coco Chanel in 1925 as a custom order. Supposedly she later agreed to the Alma being manufactured for the public.

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