The prettiest journal for your diary

I started my first diary as a child and created a habit that I still carry today. Nowadays, I write in my diary whenever I feel like. Keeping a journal or diary has helped me know more about my subconscious self. I feel like I get guidance through my journaling from God. Besides, keeping a diary is so much fun. I adore writing and feeling my way through my feelings in my diary makes me feel more feminine.

So in the past I have always used affordable journals that spoke to me. More recently, my mother introduced me to more luxurious diaries. She too loves writing and she swears that paper quality makes a huge difference. As a gift she got me this beautiful vintage inspired journal by Peter Pauper Press. It is called the Jewelled Filigree and reproduces a jewelled, gold-tooled goatskin binding. She got it for me at her local book store. I noticed that Amazon sells these diaries for a much better price, so here is the Amazon link: .

What differs this gorgeous diary from a generic diary are the following things:

  • The design is gorgeous and radiant. Vintage designs inspired by certain time periods from history. Truly unique and make great gifts.
  • Acid free / archival paper. Much better for your skin and nature.
  • Binding lies flat for easy use. The cheaper diaries don’t have flat binding!
  • High paper quality. Your pen glides smoothly over the paper. It is such a joy to write in this.

I am absolutely in love with the Peter Pauper Press journals for my diaries! It is a pleasure to write in this and to indulge in its beauty. I feel like a gorgeous princess from forgotten decades when I open my diary now. These journals are made to be treasured forever and are the best way to keep your memories alive for the future. Imagine your grand children finding your old diaries that look like this!

As a girl with a fascination for Marie Antoinette and Versailles, I had to have the Versailles journal too! The design of this opulent purple diary looks like it walked out early 18th century France. So royal. The journal reproduces a 17th century book owned by the secretary of King Louis XIV. This diary is a little bigger than the Jewelled Filigree. I bought this Peter Pauper Press Versailles diary for an amazing at Amazon! Please feel free to use my link to shop this diary: .

I also love this Peter Pauper Press celestial design journal. Very zodiac inspired and perfect for our astrology queens. You can find it here .

And how gorgeous are these golden gilded roses! This is so feminine and fabulous. .

How breath taking is this red roman inspired Bordeaux diary! Very classy and sophisticated. You can find it here: .

Have you already tried Peter Pauper press journals before?

Have a lovely day! xoxo Brenda

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