Manifestation is so real

Of course, by now we have all heard of manifestation. This is the first time in centuries that we share a collective understanding of spirituality that goes beyond religion. Manifestation is the concept seen in mainstream manifesting as the tool to live the life you desire. Usually, this is the start point where people learn about the spiritual laws of the universe. The law of attraction speaks to a large amount of people and with good reason. Everything that resonates with you is true in your world. So the law of attraction and manifestation are very real.

Since, I embarked on this spiritual journey, I had the pleasure to read many (and I mean many) books and learn from multiple teachers. It helped me unlock that collective conscience that we can all tap into. Those steps were necessary for me personally to understand my relationship to the Source, why we are here on this material plane, and why I have all these desires. The simple answer is: we are here to have a good time. With our desires we expand the universe. Once we fill a desire, we create (mostly subconsciously) new desires. This is expansion. And when we have a good time and our desires are fulfilled, we feel good. We vibrate on a high frequency and are closer to our frequency as celestial beings in the Source (where your soul comes from and returns to). Life on earth is meant to be everything that you dream of and more.

Importantly, I do not consider myself a believer of mainstream manifesting, because for me it is overcomplicated. We already have access to all the knowledge and ‘’secrets’’ of this world, because we are all connected to the source. You are a clean slate that does not need to be rewired. But you must choose, believe and feel you are a clean slate. And when we feel amazing and operate on a high frequency we can all tap into the Source. We are all powerful & limitless creators and as soon as you accept that, you have the power to create your own life. As the limitless creator, outside factors will not guide your creations. Then, you are truly the creator of your own life.

I wrote todays blog to show you one of my manifestations. I manifested being close to the Tower Bridge in London without even realising it. Note, I like London city but I have never been particularly interested in it. But, my mom gave me bedcovers with a black and white picture of the Tower Bridge. I still have the bedcovers today.

Once I won Miss World Netherlands 2019, I was expected to participate in the international Miss World 2019 pageant. The pageant was supposed to be held in Thailand, but was shortly moved to London. I did not have strong emotions about the change of location, because I was just completely grateful for the opportunity.

Now the hotel that we, as Miss World contenders, would stay in for multiple weeks: was the Tower Bridge Hotel. A luxury hotel next to the Tower Bridge! This is clearly me manifesting sleeping close to the Tower Bridge without even realising I was manifesting it.

And that is why the laws of the universe are real. With or without you realising or actively participating, you are shaping your life. Your thoughts are nearly not as powerful as your emotions. Because, we all know our thinking and feeling is not always the same. The heart does not always want what the brain thinks is smart. Strong emotions create your reality, wether they are negative or positive, the universe responds to your frequency.

Be careful what you wish for, ‘cause you just might get it.

If you are interested in some books that go further than mainstream manifesting and influencer information, I recommend the following writers and books:

– Ask and it is given, by Esther Hicks

– All other books by authors Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks and Abraham Hicks (their books speak to me personally the most, and with their books being published in the early 2000s, they were one of the foundation builders for this awakening)

– Think and grow rich, by Napoleon Hill (old language, but good nevertheless)

– If you liked the secret, also read Rhonda Byrne’s other books: the magic, the power, hero, the greatest secret. There are lessons in all her books.

Have a lovely day darling! Happy creating your life!

xoxo Brenda

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