How to get AI photos of yourself

I had so much fun generating these pictures with AI for myself. I think it is incredible to see yourself in different art work styles with the help of technology. Today I am showing you how you can get AI generated photos of yourself.

Disclaimer: I am aware the AI technology uses existing artwork from artists who may or may not have been compensated. The AI technology uses this artwork to learn and to come up with its own art. The more advanced the AI gets, the more the artwork will become the AI’s own personal styles. Personally, I don’t think it is wrong to use exciting artwork for the AI to learn from. As humans we take inspiration in our daily lifes from many people, brands, art, etc without giving them compensation too. If the AI generated content is indeed a clear copy from a real artwork that is where the artist should be compensated when the AI generated content is used for a commercial way, in my opinion.

This trend started a couple weeks ago, where I eagerly submitted 20 photos of myself to the Lensa app on my iPhone. I was so pleased with the results, because I think this AI art is stunning. I love the different styles and I really feel like most do look like me! I will share my favourite AI photos in this post. Do you think they look like me?

How much does it cost to get AI photos with Lensa from yourself? I took the free period subscription of the app and cancelled the subscription in the App Store immediately. In this way I had full access to the Lensa app for 7 days, without paying anything for it. However, creating the AI photos does come at a fee. To generate the AI generated artwork of myself I chose the most extensive option where I got 200 photos / art pieces with my face on. I paid roughly 7 euros. The smaller options where you get a less amount of photos were under 5 euros.

Do I think if it was worth it? Absolutely yes, it is so much fun and I like to use some of these images as my avatars. It was a very fun experiment, but I don’t think I would generate more AI photos from myself when it costs money. Because I already have 200 now and that is quite enough for me haha!

Have a wonderful day babe!

xoxo Brenda

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