Feminine activity: Journaling

Vampire scrapbooking and journal

Hello gorgeous. Today we journal a few pages in this new notebook with my ever lasting love for fantasy.
I love the black, faux leather simplicity of the notebook and it inspired me to make these vampy pages.
Of course, I took inspiration from the epic love stories of the Vampire Diaries and the eternal love in Twilight.

I find journaling so relaxing and I love to get creative and indulge in romance. To me, these pages are all about true love and passion. And if you are looking for an activity to utilise your feminine energy, scrapbooking is perfect because you create something with your own imagination and creativity that you find pleasing to look at.

I hope you enjoy scrapbooking these Vampire pages just as much as I do. And please let me know if you want to see more journaling videos!

Have a blessed week xoxo Brenda

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