Simple and Chic outfit idea

Hello beautiful. On some days I just want to look feminine and chic, but with that effortless essence. For those days where I want to look representative, I always go for this type of outfit.

I start of with the basis of my outfit. For this look, the base consists of a dress. I love figure hugging dresses to show a feminine silhouette and to draw attention to my waist. However, an a-line dress also looks incredibly chic. I would avoid anything wide or loose because that gives a more relaxed appearance, and for today we want to look chic!

So, I chose this navy dress that I adore so much! I find the Color and cut very flattering and I love the sharpness of the v-neckline. This is the perfect base for a simple and chic outfit. In fact, we are already halfway there.

I combined the dress with classic shoes. These black pointed court heels are effortlessly chic. To make this look more chic and feminine I added diamond jewellery. I am wearing layered necklaces, rings on both hands and my tennis bracelet.

To personalise this look I added my beloved Louis Vuitton belt. Oh how I love this belt. The design is simple but so chic. To finish off this look I added my Mulberry Lily. And that is it!

xoxo Brenda

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