J’Adore Dior: J’Adore Parfum d’eau review

For my birthday in September I got another marvellous perfume. I love Dior perfumes and my parents gifted me the new one from Dior. This is the j’adore perfume d’eau, a groundbreaking perfume that does not contain alcohol. As a girl who rather sprays perfume on her clothes due to the alcohol content instead of on the skin, this perfume is perfect for me!

The perfume contains moisturising ingredients, such as glycerin. I am so happy there is no alcohol in the perfume because I do not want to put alcohol on my skin. When I wear j’adore parfum d’eau it feels like I applied luxurious skincare. This is a 100% natural perfume, free of chemicals and alcohol, and contains only flowers and water. The perfume lasts at least 8 hours on my skin and I got nothing but compliments when I wear it.

The scent of the perfume is divine. Reminiscent of the original j’adore, this is a very feminine and floral fragrance. I love the bottle and the creamy milky white substance. This perfume is a bit fresher than the original and reminds one of velvet and and a room full of flowers, like jasmine. I have never experienced a perfume with a spray this fine!

The perfume notes in J’adore parfum d’eau are neroli, jasmine, magnolia, honeysuckle and green notes. The green notes give the freshness in this parfum.

This is a must have for lovers of Dior and natural ingredient perfumes!

Have a lovely day darling.

xoxo Brenda

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