Creative wedding photos with our entourage part 12

This is the second part of our creative wedding photos. I am over the moon with the wonderful wedding photos I get to share with you today! This is the second final batch of our wedding photos and they are better than I could have ever dreamed.

The timeline of these photos consists of the second part of the photoshoot we did after the ceremony and before our reception. We took these photos with our entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen and team of photographers and videographer. We took our cars to the forest of our wedding venue and starting taking photos in all the beautiful spots.

I am sharing my wedding photos to provide inspiration for wedding photos and wedding photography. You can find inspiration here for poses, setting and lighting. I personally love the bridesmaids outfits and style. The bridesmaids dresses are navy and match with the navy suits of the groomsmen and the navy suit of Grant, my groom. The bridesmaids look uniform but unique, because they all tied their infinity wrap dress how they wanted for their bridesmaid look. The navy suit of the groomsmen we combined with pink details in the suspenders and tie, this wraps together with the soft pink theme for the rest of our wedding.

All these photos are taken by Cherie Theron Photography.

What do you think of these photos and our wedding outfits?

Have a blessed week! xoxo Brenda

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