Real wedding ceremony photos and inspiration part 5

As a 2022 bride myself I know how much I would have liked to see more real wedding photos from real brides. Therefor, I am sharing my professional wedding and bridal photos, because I know how much inspiration and excitement seeing real brides and real wedding photos can give. Of course, I also totally adore these photos and I will cherish them forever. And I do hope you gain some clarity looking at my photos. And I wish you a lot of love for your future wedding. Xoxo Brenda

The photographer of all photos is Cherie Theron Photography. She is the best photographer, and she is located in South Africa. I just love how she captured the memories and emotions of our special day! All my photography dreams have come true. I am totally in love with our wedding photos and I believe that is so precious! 

My wedding photos can give you inspiration for your wedding, your bridal look, wedding photo poses and what style of bridal and wedding photography you like. I just love how Cherie edited our photos. The colors are dreamy. Everything looks like the fairytale that I felt in my heart and captured in my memory. You can find more wedding and bridal content of me here. I have posted about my vintage romantic wedding theme, wedding video, say yes to the dress and more on that page.

We shot our wedding photos at the wedding venue. We got married at the Plantation. So we have gorgeous photos in the building and in the forest surrounding the Plantation. Besides that, we also shot some urban photos in the old city centre. This was such a fun twist to our wedding photos! I love the urban background, the stairs and all the different photos. It was truly special. You can find my real wedding photos for real brides part 2 here. And if you want inspiration for your family photography at your wedding, feel free to look at my family wedding photography here.

Today, I am sharing the photos of our ceremony. The wedding ceremony was everything I dreamed of. This was the highlight of the best day of my life. The memory of me walking down the aisle towards my future husband is engrained in my mind for eternity. So emotional, so pure. I have never felt closer to God or my husband ever before.

These wedding ceremony photos capture all those emotions and memories. I love how the editing is very different to other parts of our day and how every moment is captured. These are photographs that will be cherished for generations to come. This is where our legacy starts. The union of our true love.

A quirky little thing about me: I love how vampy some of the photos are! And I have a big passion for fantasy and anything to do with vampires. If you too love The Vampire Diaries, Twilight and True blood, you can always ask your photographer to incorporate that style in your wedding photos. I dedicated this post to my vampire inspired wedding photos. And in the second part of our wedding photography, you will also find vampire inspired wedding photos: You can find my real wedding photos for real brides part 2 here. I am over the moon with our photos! 

You can find my real wedding photos for real brides part 1 here.

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