Opinion: You will never be younger than you are now. If not now, when?

Lately, I have found myself feeling confused about what elegance means. I also felt constricted with my fashion sense. What was weird since I put all those restrictions subconsciously in my own mind. But, that got me thinking that other girls, like yourself, could also feel like this. And I believe there is not a one size fits all, not even when it comes to elegance. Hence, I feel entitled to write this piece with my opinion about empowering yourself with clothes.

After a period of time where I worked on my ideas on how to express myself, I had constructed this whole new image for myself. I think I succeeded in creating the wardrobe and looks of a truly elegant woman. Of course, I know elegance is much more than the appearance aspect, but today we are focusing on that facet in particular. I curated a warderobe full of feminine dresses that will last me for decennia to come. I call this style Old Hollywood elegance. These pieces were timeless, quite modest and of good quality. The part that feels limiting to me with this elegant fashion image is the creativity in fashion and the way I could express myself within that range. Yes, the clothes are beautiful. But the clothes are generic. They could also fit impeccably for a 30 or even 40 year old woman. I felt as if I had lost that youthful aspect in my fashion. And I am only 26 years old, I am still young. I felt as if I was dressing for a too perfect grown-up version of myself. We as women, as people, should not feel constricted by our own image. I understand that in some cases a certain image aligns better with your career or aspirations, but even then I think the boundaries are moveable. And the boundaries should be moved if they restrict you.

You will never be younger than you are in this moment. That realisation gave me insight in how I want to express myself in my appearance. If we don’t do it now, when will we do it? Change can be hard, I believe as humans we can all be reluctant to change. But, I find power and growth in inventing new versions of myself. Every once in a while I invent a new version of myself, and looking back the new version is always an upgrade from the old one. So when, I saw all these cute clothes and outfits online and in stores that did not fit the elegant aesthetic, I wanted to wear those. However, I felt like they were not meant for me anymore. I kept thinking to myself that elegant role models typically do not wear mini skirts, or more girly outfits, but that does not mean that the clothing cannot be worn by an elegant woman. Of course, even short skirts, pink dresses and girly outfits can be perceived as elegant and nicely dressed. It is all about your essence.

Sometimes you have to decide for yourself if you want to fit in the box, or if you decide to change the shape of the box. Life is only as constricting or lively as we make it. That is why from now on whenever I am in doubt, I will tell myself: You will never be younger than you are now. Wear the clothes you like. If not now, when are you?

Since I have made that change, I feel free in my expression through clothes. I became closer to my higher self. I still have that classy Old Hollywood style, but it is more youthful and less stiff. It is simply, more me.

What do you think? Xoxo Brenda

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