Elegant fashion gems from ZARA

Every once in a while ZARA brings out an amazing fashion item. This piece of clothing is amazing in terms of quality and fit. Some of my ZARA purchases I have already worn and loved for years and they are still good to go. I am an especially big fan of ZARA’s pure wool coats and certain blazers. Today I am sharing this totally chic and unique white blazer top with a tulle boatneck. This outfit is so classy and timeless.

Regarding the quality of ZARA clothes, my theory is that ZARA brings out certain items that are of a higher quality for a better brand image. Nowadays, I feel like the quality of garments is coming down in all the street brands, such as ZARA, H&M. The companies probably do this to keep their prices roughly the same while inflation rises. It is no secret that producing, material and labor costs have gone up, and thus quality comes down when companies keep the same prices.

Therefor, I was particularly surprised to see this beautiful blazer in the ZARA summer sale. Please do not be sad, ZARA brings out a variation of boatneck blazers every year, because it is a timeless piece. So you will be able to find one perfect for you on the secondhand market, or in stores.

I paired this elegant and feminine blazer with a white tweed skirt. The tweed skirt comes from the H&M. I find with tweed that I definitely need to size up and sometimes even 2 sizes up. I chose to wear this specific skirt because colorise it matches well with the blazer for a monochromatic look. Also, I adored the slit of the skirt lining up with the slit cut of the blazer. I find this a nice little detail.

My bag and shoes are from Yves Saint Laurent. The nude color of the sandals optically elongates my legs and the low height was comfortable for walking around the city. I matched my silver coloured Chanel aviator sunglasses to this look with white gold jewellery. This outfit inspiration is preppy and feminine. Perfect for a day time activity.

Elegant and feminine outfit inspiration
Timeless tweed and tulle elegant outfit inspiration
Classy and chic outfit inspiration
Feminine and elegant outfit inspiration with tweed and designer bag

I took all these photos in the city centre of ‘s Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch). You can find more of my outfits and looks on my Instagram @brendafelici.

Also, if you like my content please take a look at my new YouTube Channel. And Would you wear this outfit? Have a lovely day, beautiful. Xoxo Brenda

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