Classy and elegant outfit inspiration

In a world where trends come and go, classics are always recognised and timeless. Hence, why I love to buy high quality classic garments. This way my wardrobe will never go out of style and I will be able to wear my clothes for decennia to come. Also, I enjoy wearing my clothes more because they make me look elevated and put together. Today I am sharing a classy and elegant outfit inspiration.

This elegant outfit is befitted and inspired by what royals, like Kate or Camilla wear. Elegant outfits that the Royal ladies wear look good and classy because we perceive the ladies as dressed nicely. They look professional and feminine, yet never plain. These outfits usually come in all colors, from light neutrals to bold pinks, greens and blues. Royal fashion, as Queen Elizabeth or Duchess Kate show us, is colourful. I never understand why some people say that elegant fashion is in neutral colors and red. Every color can be elegant in my opinion. Colors are what makes the world interesting. As an example, nature displays all the colors of the spectrum, so why is it not elegant? And to me, the Royal ladies wearing all colors shows the world that they think the same. Their outfits never overshadow them, but their outfits are enhancing their roles. Their modesty shows that clothes do not need to be revealing to be feminine. Their looks attract the right attention, but never take the attention away from her. That is something I incorporate a lot in my fashion and styling.

The classy and elegant dress that I am wearing is the Hollywood pencil dress from the Pretty Dress Company in ivory. I just love a white dress! It symbolises purity and femininity. I feel really pretty in it.

Classy and feminine fashion: the Pretty Dress Company Hollywood pencil dress in ivory

What makes this outfit elegant, can be broken down in the following aspects:

  • Fit: this dress fits nicely, yet is not overly tight. The dress is flattering and not overly sexy.
  • Cut: The high neckline and hem below the knees creates a modest look. This dress is a so-called pencil dress, meaning that the dress hugs the female body and thus displaying our feminine figures. A pencil dress can be too sexy and overly sensual when it is paired with a low neckline and showing of the legs. This pencil dress from the Pretty Dress Company is called ‘Hollywood’ and has just the right amount of femininity without being sexy. Not that looking sexy is not a good thing, but a royal look is modest and attracts attention in a different way.
  • Color: Like I stated before, all colors can be elegant if they are appropriate for the situation. Another important factor is choosing a color that is flattering for you. Everyone has their best and worst colors. And wearing your worst colors is making you appear less flattered. It is definitely more elegant to choose a color that is flattering or neutral for you, because you do not want people worrying about you if you are sick or tired.
  • Quality: the material of the dress is thick and durable. There are no creases and the bows are perfect. Good quality garments have the effect that their good quality will be associated with you for a tiny bit.

Did you already know the Pretty Dress Company and this Hollywood dress in Ivory? I just love the fit and color! I am wearing a size UK8 or EU36. In most clothes I wear size UK6 or EU34, but I find that some British designers have smaller sizes. So that is something to keep in mind.

I wish you a lovely day! Xoxo Brenda

Classy and feminine fashion: the Pretty Dress Company Hollywood pencil dress in ivory

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