Summer elegance outfit inspiration

Just casually waiting for my home-brewed peach iced tea in this lovely rotan lounge. What a classic Old Hollywood scenery, is it not? Add black sunglasses and a wide sun hat for that ultra glamorous look. Very vintage and film star esque! However, I think we can all agree that my cute dogs are stealing the show here ;).

Today I am sharing an elegant summer outfit. What makes this outfit classic and elegant is easy to spot. It is all about the color, material and cut. I combined a lovely white linen dress with soft pink espadrilles and a boxy handbag. The simplicity and felinity of this look is what makes it elegant.

Can you believe that this gorgeous linen dress is from the H&M? I choose this piece because of the high quality fabric, classic cut and good fit. The dress is very flattering, not too tight. And the material is breathable, thus not too warm in this summer weather. To me, such dresses are sophisticated. The white color resembles purity and femininity. I think all of us women look amazing in a white (or ivory) dress.

The espadrilles are from Castaner. I bought these at Yoox and the quality of the shoes is really high. De material is more durable and the fit and footbed is definitely more comfortable than with some other espadrilles I have tried. The soft pink color that I am wearing is very neutral and matches well with my skin tone. This makes this particular shoe very versatile for me. I can simply combine it with so many outfits due to the classic shape and neutral color.

My handbag is from Yves Saint Laurent. I just love the classic boxy shape and vintage white color. The material is embossed in croc design. This handbag is the YSL Sac du Jour nano in vintage white. It matches very well with white outfits, such as I am wearing here.

The cherry on top of your look is how you style your hair, makeup and accessories. Especially for an Old Hollywood look you will need smooth hair, preferably with waves or curls, a nice amount of makeup and feminine jewellery. Add a sun hat and sunglasses and hello movie star!

Have a lovely day. xoxo Brenda

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