First time henna hair dye: review & how to

First time dyeing my hair with henna and indigo: review, how to (tutorial) and result

Today I am sharing the process and result of dying my hair for the first time ever with henna!

I am so happy with the result and I share all the steps I took with you in this video. The brand of henna that I am using is Henne Color Paris in the color brun. This is a dark, cool brown color, because the pure henna powder is mixed with indigo. Luckily, I found it very easy to apply henna to my hair and I will definitely continue using henna.

To get an even more intense and cool brown result, I mixed my henna powder with coffee and fresh lemon juice. The acidity of the lemon helps the henna Color process and the coffee distributes a cool brown color. Be aware that everyone’s hair is different and that henna can give a different result on everyone. Always test the henna on a small piece of hair and skin to make sure you can use the product safely.

Much love xoxo Brenda

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any brands shown in this video. I share my honest opinion and what works for me.

I followed these 10 steps to apply henna to your own hair:

  1. Start with an organic, pure henna (or mixed with indigo). It is very important that the henna dye is high quality. Always test the henna on a small piece of hair and skin before you start, to make sure you are not allergic and the outcome is desirable.
  2. Lay all your products out before you start the mixing process. Henna can get very messy and having all the needed products ready available to you really helps. I used: a box of henna powder, plastic mixing bowl, plastic spoon for mixing, lemon juice, warm coffee 250ml, plastic gloves, dark towel, old top, vaseline and cling wrap.
  3. Mix the henna with the warm coffee and lemon juice. Mix until you get a yoghurt consistency. Add more warm water if needed. Then cover the mixture with the cling wrap.
  4. Let the henna develop in the bowl for 2 hours.
  5. Apply vaseline on your bare skin around your hairline. The vaseline helps protect your skin against henna stains.
  6. Put on the plastic gloves to protect your hands.
  7. Apply the henna in small sections of the hair. Start at a section of hair at your crown and spread the henna from the roots to the tips of your hair. Then swirl this section of hair in a small bun on top of your head. Wrap every new section of hair around this bun when you covered it in henna.
  8. Cover your head in cling wrap and the towel. The cling wrap creates heat for the henna to develop color on your hair and the towel soaks up any leaking henna. Be aware that henna will stain anything it comes in contact with.
  9. Let the henna develop on your hair for 2 to 4 hours. Clean the surfaces and your skin that accidentally got henna on immediately after you have applied the henna to your hair.
  10. Wash your hair with only water (NO shampoo!) and dry it. Try to wash your hair with shampoo only after 3-4 days for the best color deposition.

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