Review: Is the Mulberry Lily worth it?

Every time before I add a new handbag to my collection I take a couple aspects into consideration. There are so many handbags out there and it is very easy to get a handbag that might not suit you perfectly. Because there are just so many handbags to choose from and that can be quite overwhelming. Today I will be sharing how I choose my handbags and if my newest addition the Mulberry Lily is worth it.

To jump right in, the first things I consider when I am interested in getting a new handbag are:

  • What designer brands suit me and what brands do I wear regularly.
  • What handbag will I get most use out personally?
  • Is the Mulberry Lily small worth the money?

I do this because it is most classy and elegant to wear items that are not fighting for attention or sending mixed signals. To me, it just does not come across as sophisticated when one wears all these different brand logos at the same time. It takes away from the woman wearing them when she is wearing for example a CC-logo brooch, a GG marmont handbag, and DG-belt all at the same time. It is much more understated and sophisticated when all the visible logos are uniform or not as visible. For this reason I like to stick to a couple designer brands when items have a very visible brand. I personally love, but not limited to: Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci for my visible brand items.

The Mulberry Lily is a very classic and timeless handbag. The quality of the leather and hardware is superb and really displays the luxury craftsmanship. I love the grained leather and how it is slightly scratch resistant. The Mulberry Lily is a perfect match for classic wardrobes, because of the timeless design, excellent quality and understated logo. In addition, the Mulberry brand is hardly visible, what makes this handbag very suitable for a variety of occasions.

One of the reasons why I chose the Mulberry Lily small in the color pale slate is because I already have many neutral coloured bags and a beautiful bag is made to be seen. I just don’t see the point of adding more neutral coloured bags to my collection. This light blue color will liven up my neutral outfits and match perfectly with my grey and blue outfits for a monochromatic look. However, I definitely recommend getting neutral colors before you choose to get a designer item in a more outspoken color, so you can never go wrong. And when you do decide it is time for a fun color I recommend choosing a color that matches well with your wardrobe by either complimenting or staying in the same color family.

The final verdict is out: in my opinion the Mulberry Lily is worth it. The brand is well established and the Mulberry Lily in small is classic and timeless. The craftsmanship is superb and this handbag will last for decennia with the right care. I believe the Mulberry Lily is a wonderful addition to any classic, sophisticated and feminine wardrobe. The price of the Mulberry Lily is 1.050 euro in Europe. A very good entry price for a luxury handbag if you ask me.

Do you want to add a Mulberry Lily to your collection? Xoxo Brenda

3 thoughts on “Review: Is the Mulberry Lily worth it?

  1. So pretty! I have a mulberry lily in rosewater and gold hardware but I’m thinking of my next bag being alma bb or another lily , this time the black and silver hardware. It’s a tough choice!!! Thanks for your reviews.

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    1. Your Mulberry bag sounds so gorgeous! I love the rose coloured ones. And such a classic. Just like the Louis Vuitton Alma bb. Personally, I love the variety of having both a lily and Alma bb. The Alma is very structured and doesn’t get dirty at all, whereas I found my lily needs a little more care. So exciting for you! ❤


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