A touch of luxury: pampas feathers

Luxury can be defined in many ways. Although we can all agree when your house truly feels like your home now that is a feeling of luxury and richness. Lately I have been super into interior design and picking out all the right pieces for our new house. Beautiful vases with flowers always give a feeling of everyday luxury and help us get into our femininity. Today glamorous pampas feathers are being showcased to inspire you.

Why decorating with flowers makes you become more feminine

Being creative with flowers (wether they are fresh, synthetic or dried) requires stepping into your feminine energy. Feminine energy is creative, expanding and nurturing. When one is arranging their flowers, you are being creative and creating a new piece. You are also expanding the beauty in your space and expanding your creativity. The flowers also need love and nurturing, like fresh water, cut stems, daylight. Nurturing is synonymous with feminine energy, because you are taking care of the world around us.

I love fresh flowers, but they are quite high maintenance and only have a short life. A more budget and time friendly option is getting big dried or silk bouquets and sometimes fresh flowers. Dried flowers and high quality silk bouquets are extremely versatile and glamorous. Your house and interior will look chic and luxurious.

For an extra touch of luxury I put my dramatic pampas feathers and dried flowers in a big golden vase. The gold and shape of the vase makes it seem luxurious. The flowers and dried pampas grass creates the perfect center piece. A real eye catching vase for your interior.

Next to our lounge area I created a smaller bouquet. I compiled pink died pampas grass with peach coloured dried grass. The colors are cohesive and add a pop of color to my neutral coloured lounge area. The pop of pink fits my personality and our interior, while making our lounge slightly more interesting. I believe it is a common misconception that elegance and sophistication, or luxury for that matter, has to be strictly in neutral colors. I believe that all colors found in nature can be added to an elegant and classy home, when used in a tasteful manner.

Don’t the photos look so glamorous?

Where did I get these items?

  • Gold vase – Kwantum (Store in Netherlands)
  • Pampass grass – Kwantum or Leen Bakker (Stores in Netherlands)
  • Small glass vase – 1 euro from IKEA
  • Wooden dining table – Fonq
  • Grey cable knit plaid – Primark
  • Taupe rug – Tapeso

Would you add a pop of color in your dried bouquets? Have a wonderful day! Xoxo Brenda

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