Feminine & Preppy outfit inspiration

Hello beautiful darlings! Today it is time to channel your inner girl, because we are going to dive into feminine and preppy outfits for this spring. This look consists of an a-line skirt and pretty blazer to create a feminine and preppy silhouette. Totally Legally Blonde inspired of course! Elle Woods is so iconic and really shows great examples of feminine outfits.

So you only need a couple things to create this look:

  • A pretty blazer, for example in a rich color, like pink or blue. Fabrics must be high quality and the fit must be tailored for that feminine hourglass shape.
  • An a-line skirt, or skirt with frills at the bottom. Preferably in a color that matches your blazer, to create that uniform and preppy look.
  • Feminine footwear, like heels, riding boots or ballet flats.
  • A small to medium, structured handbag.

Quite simple, is it not? You can find beautiful, high quality blazers in stores like ZARA, Mango, or even H&M. Of course all the highstreet and luxury brands also make amazing blazers. A blazer is a timeless piece, that comes back season after season. Or actually it never leaves!

What would Elle Woods say? Xoxo Brenda

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