Classic and Feminine summer outfit

On the Northern Hemisphere summer is coming in a few months and although the weather outside is frightfully winterish, one can never be early (or late) enough with the search for timeless wardrobe pieces. As feminine women we radiate our feminine touch, and the right outfit helps with that. Today I am sharing a timeless and feminine summer outfit. This outfit is classic and sophisticated because of the simplicity. You can find these outfit within any budget and when chose in a quality fabric, will last you for decennia to come. Super elegant, if you ask me.

For this feminine and elegant outfit inspiration I combined a high waisted white shorts from ZARA. The shorts look elegant and high quality because of the thicker woven fabric and durable golden buttons. The size and fit of the garment is right for my body shape. I am wearing a simple silk camisole in a soft pink color. The color is neutral and combines well with the shorts to give the look a luxurious feel. I chose for the soft pink color, because I love pink and I feel like it looks quite feminine. For shoes I chose comfortable wedges from Burberry. These shoes are comfortable but give the optical illusion of a longer vertical line. For accessoires I decided to go for a silk scarf and white gold jewelry to add some old Hollywood femininity into the mix. You can give a simple and plain outfit a personal touch with your accessoires. The scarf is blue mixed with pink and adds a pop of color. I chose Chanel aviators as my sunglasses for the day, because it matches so well with sunny harbour activities.

This classic, timeless, elegant, sophisticated and feminine summer look consists of:

  • White, high waisted shorts (ZARA)
  • Silk or satin camisole
  • Wedge sandal (Burberry)
  • Silk or satin scarf
  • Aviator sunglasses (Chanel)
  • White gold jewelry

Do you like this outfit? Have a blessed week darling. Xoxo Brenda

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