My Forest Fairytale Wedding

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of fairytale weddings. The groom was always the charming prince and the Disney Princess always played the beautiful bride. Most of these fairytale weddings were set in forest like settings, surrounded by the charm of nature and animals. I did not consciously realise that deep in my heart I also wanted a forest fairytale wedding till I was looking at venues.

My heart fell on this beautiful, quite famous, wedding venue, called the Plantation in Port Elizabeth. The Plantation consists of a beautiful French style vintage building in the middle of a huge private plot of land. The reception building is styled with high windows, ceilings, a fire pit, multiple French doors and Tiffany woodwork. Outside is a beautiful terrace and garden, secluded by the forest. We had monkeys running on the roof of the venue during our wedding! And multiple mongoose coming inside and saying hello to the female guests. And while I was getting ready I heard the birds sing, all the way throughout when I walked down the aisle. A true Disney Princess experience!

I can recommend anyone to get married in a forest. It makes the day feel more secluded and put in a little box to treasure forever. I loved the element of nature and animals. And the forest kept out the wind and too harsh sunlight. That made it so lovely for our guests comfortability and our photographers en videographer. The only thing that I have to mention is that the feet of your bridesmaids will get dirty while you take the photos in the woods. And my wedding shoes are also decorated with forest mud and soil. There were multiple bugs crawling between the layers of my wedding dress, but honestly I don’t mind. It is part of the forest and I would not want it any other way.

Do you wish for a forest fairytale wedding? Xoxo Brenda

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