Fairytale wedding highlights video

Almost a week ago I had my dream wedding. Time flies by so fast. Yet I am so happy that we have captured our wedding day in beautiful film and make time stand still. The videographer at our wedding is Kirsty from Pelicula Productions, based in Port Elizabeth. For us, having a videographer was not an option but a necessity. We opted for a smaller package at first, but are so happy that we upgraded to a full package. Now we have many hours of film, amazing short videos and video footage of the whole day. I love it!

Why you need a videographer at your wedding:

  • Video captures all the funny moments, emotions and the wedding day in such a different way than photos. A picture says a thousand words, but a wedding film really shows a different side. Grant and I got to see our getting ready parts in the video. A super fun part of our wedding day that we would not know much about from each other, but the wedding movie really gives us a glimpse into the thrilling moments we had before the wedding.
  • You will be able to relive your wedding and all the wonderful emotions every time you rewatch your wedding film. How priceless! Every time you miss this once in a lifetime moment you can just rewatch all the wonderful events. I had so much joy already watching the videos en seeing everyones emotions and happiness on our marriage date.
  • Your guests love to feel involved in the wedding and to have the camera at them for a little while really gets the party going. So much fun to see all your guest enjoying themselves!
  • Capture your first dance and daddy-daughter dance fully.
  • People who were not at your wedding still can enjoy your wedding by watching the video.

Are you going to take a videographer? Xoxo Brenda

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