Classic & Vintage wedding inspiration

I got married! And we lived happily ever after… My partner and I celebrated our dream wedding on Saturday the 19th of February 2022 in South Africa. Our wedding theme was the true fairytale wedding. I am going to tell you more about our dream day in another post, because today I want to share the theme, decor and flowers of our special day.

The perfect fairytale ending… That is how my wedding felt to me.

And that is what I wanted to show in the theme, decor and flowers. I incorporated vintage elements, such as the candle holders with the classic roses and sophisticated design. We chose soft colors, such as white, baby pink, green and navy for our wedding to give the wedding a timeless yet vintage feel. Time stood still for us.

We also chose the venue based on what we love. The venue is called the Plantation and features a beautiful vintage reception venue, with a Christian chapel and accommodation on the venue. The honeymoon and bridal suite were impeccably decorated with a luxurious timeless, classic feel. And the reception area is decorated with beautiful white curtains, French Tiffany chairs and a fireplace. The choice of venue is so important and we were so happy to be able to shoot amazing shots on the premise because of the beautiful meadow, forest and picturesque scenes. The premise featured a forest with singing birds, wild monkeys and running mongoose for a true African and fairytale feel. Even the monkeys were running on the roof when we were celebrating the party!

We had the pleasure of working together with an incredible team and the flowers, decor and setup were handles by one company based in Port Elizabeth.

Where are my 2022 and 2023 brides? Have you already decided on your wedding theme?

Much love xoxo Mrs Nel

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