Review: salon Hair Botox

Who wants shiny lustrous hair? I do! However, I want my hair to be healthy and I stand super much against chemical treatments on the hair. After my research I just believe that chemical treatments are not the solution for healthy hair and only a temporary fix for Lucious locks. So I am beyond thrilled to share my findings and review of a salon Hair Botox!

To kick off this review I want to explain a little bit more about my aversion against chemical hair treatments. I have actually never tried a Brazilian blowout or a keratin treatment, because my research told me those treatments are actually damaging for the hair in the long run. The chemicals in these products chemically straighten the hair and so alter the texture and fibre of the hair. Hence why chemically treated hair tends to become thin, break-off and/or become dry. Pretty much the same with coloring and bleaching the hair. And I have done horrible things to my hair in the past. Such as the bleaching, box coloring, straightening wet hair and never using a heat protectant. But I have vowed to change and be nice to my hair. I want my hair to be healthy and grow long and full. We all deserve the hair we desire. So when my mother in law told me she started doing hair botox in her salon I was intrigued.

After my extensive online research and checking the ingredient label of the hair botox, I came to the conclusion that hair botox is actually a very conditioning treatment that does not cause any harm to the hair. The main ingredients of the hair botox are the extracts of different plants to ensure a caring treatment. There were some chemical terms in the ingredient list, but those were listed at the end and there were only a couple. So that is very much the same as my other hair products that I like to use. So I decided to go for it! Hair Botox should bring shine and softness to the hair, tame all the frizz and fill in the damaged structures of the hair for longer growing hair.

And for me, it was just that: a fairytale. My hair has never felt so silky soft before, with a beautiful shine and my hair has become so much more manageable and smooth. I actually also believe the hair botox helped me straighten my hair, which I am very glad for because my hair is low porosity so it is hard for me to moisture my hair. In the past I have noticed that my hair does become straight when I succeeded in moisturizing it properly. Hence I believe the hair botox did really condition my hair, like nothing ever had before.

In the photos above you can see my results before and after the hair botox.

My hair before the hair botox was pretty, but frizzy. I just wanted that extra shine and softness.

After we put the botox in my hair, my hair felt thicker, straighter and shinier. But I have low porosity hair, which means hair products do not go easily in my hair shaft. So my hair felt slightly sticky and we decided to let the hair botox stay in my hair for three days without washing. After the first day I already felt that the product was soaked up more in my hair than the day before. After 3 days my hair felt so nice, and that evening we washed my hair to reveal the true effect of the hair botox.

So after washing the botox out of my hair, my hair felt immediately so soft and silky smooth. I loved it! My hair dried easily with the blow dryer and revealed my straighter, shinier locks. We decided to straighten my hair after the wash and you see the final effect in the last photo. My hair shines so bright and feels so soft. My hair is truly conditioned and feels strong. I could not be happier! And I recommend this treatment to anyone who wants smoother and shinier hair! I believe the treatment is safe for curly hair too.

I personally love the look of my hair because it gives me a feeling of elegance. My hair costs me less time now everyday to look polished and well taken care of. Hair Botox is an investment in your hair if you desire that frizz-free, manageable, soft, shiny hair look.

Do you like the effect of the hair botox? Have a wonderful day. Xoxo Brenda

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