Cape Town Travel guide #2

In a couple weeks time I will be traveling back to South Africa. The perfect time to revisit my Cape Town memories to write the ultimate travel guide for this beautiful South African destination. In this post you can read my perfect guide to start and/or end your trip to Cape Town with some must sees for any traveler. In this post I will be sharing more insider hot spots for the best holiday to Cape Town.

Wine farm and tasting

South African is famous for many things, of which one is definitely South African wine. With hundreds of wine farms spread throughout the Cape, there are so many excellent options. Almost every wine farm offers special tours and tastings, or just restaurant options if that is more suited to your needs. The farms are beautiful and impressive with all the grape stalks and landscaping, even if you do not drink wine. I have been to the Groot Constantia wine farm which I absolutely adored. There were wine tastings paired with chocolate, I mean what more can we ask for? Besides that the Groot Constantia wines are divine, with the chardonnay being my favorite.

Table Mountain – hike or cart

When one thinks of Cape Town Table Mountain is always in the background (quite literally!). This impressive mountain has a flat top reminiscent of a table top, hence the name: Table Mountain. Due to its uniqueness this mountain is one of the official 7 wonders of nature. You can travel to the top by foot on a long hike or on a cable cart. Seeing my outfit I think it is visible I took the cable cart, haha! Although I am terrified of heights, being on top of the world is a priceless experience that I encourage everyone to take. The view from the mountain was splendid, as we overlooked the whole of Cape Town, the sea and Robben Island. I loved being up in the air, feeling like everyday life was far away from me.

Cape of Good Hope – hike

Have you heard of that saying that one can simply never be overdressed? Well I quite live by that and love to wear fancy dresses wherever I go. However, on this one particular day and outing I felt quite uncomfortable with my dress, haha! The Cape of Good Hope is a wonderful, must-see place in your South African travels. This remote location is the most Southern point of the African continent and Southern Hemisphere. The scenery is rural and fairly untouched, what gave me an incredible feeling of adventure. There are many birds, insects and baboons everywhere. You will feel on top of the world, like a true world traveller, in this spot. The hike up to the mountain was splendid, yet tough in the extremely hot summer conditions. The views were incredible and totally worth the hike no matter what you are wearing. You can see the two seas collide. The hot Indian Sea and the Cold Atlantic meet and we happen to see a big whale swimming on the surface of the water. It was spectacular.

Yet there are still so many more activities and spots to discuss. See you next time! xoxo

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