Best dress ever? Diva Catwalk review

A lady can never have enough dresses. There simply is a dress for every occasion and a dress itself is such an easy garment to style. To me, dresses add sophistication and femininity to every look. My favorite dresses are timeless with a classy silhouette, showcasing your feminine curves. That is exactly why I loved to try the classy dresses from Diva Catwalk! Is this the best dress ever?

Firstly, my first order from Diva Catwalk was a wonderful experience. Diva Catwalk is a London based brand, where they also manufacture the items. I just love sustainable fashion! Especially when the fashion itself is timeless. So, I ordered three different dresses from Diva Catwalk: the Penny in Paradise Pink, the Roseberry in Beige and the Lakewood in True Red. Unfortunately, due to a mistake by the postal service in my own country (Netherlands) my package was send back to London without me ever being able to pick it up. Heartbroken I contacted Diva Catwalk with this devastating news. Diva Catwalk’s impeccable customer service offered to send me new dresses from their warehouse, before they would receive the first initial package back. This incredible and kind customer service really touched my heart. This is the type of customer service that makes me (and many others) a loyal customer. Diva Catwalk goes out of her way to satisfy their clients. After just three days I finally received the package. Due that the dresses had to come from their warehouse, I had to choose a different color of the Penny dress. Of course this was not a problem for me, since I was so delighted to receive my order after all. Thus instead of the Paradise Pink I chose the Emerald Green, a lush color too.

Safe to say, I love these dresses! The quality is amazing. The fabric is durable, surprisingly breathable and the colors are vibrant. Even after multiple washes the dresses look brand new. And maybe the most fun part: the polyester material is crease free. No more ironing for this dress haha! The fabric of the dresses is thick, the fit amazing and the pleating gives the best feminine silhouette. In this dress I feel amazing and that shows on the outside. I posted photos of the best dress ever x3 underneath here:

Because I loved the dresses so much, I posted about Diva Catwalk on my social media. This sparked interest for Diva Catwalk and they offered me a complimentary dress to my choice to post about. How sweet and genuine! After looking at their gorgeous array of dresses, there are hundreds of options in a multitude of colors, I decided to go for one of their best selling models. I chose the Lydia in True Red. Amazing dress, amazing quality! All the dresses have the same wonderful quality. This made a loyal customer and probably one of Diva Catwalk’s biggest fans. My dress collection consists now of already 15 dresses and counting. So when you ask me what is the best dress ever for work, the best cocktail dress, the most timeless vintage dress or the most classy dress? I will always reply: Diva Catwalk has the best dress ever.

My favorite model so far is the sleeveless Banbury, due to the fitted construction, beautiful pleating and v-neck. Ultra feminine and sophisticated. For size reference, in every model from Diva Catwalk I wear a size S (small/UK8), usually in other brands I wear a dress in size XS (extra small/UK6).

I got all the above dresses from the official website (expect for the Astra & Axford & Banburry in Blazing Yellow). Due to the UK leaving the EU, import duties are now always the case. Luckily the import duties are not that highHowever, sometimes you might be able to find some almost new Diva Catwalk dresses on marketplaces. Sometimes you can really find a good bargain and buying secondhand is very sustainable. So that is a little inside gem to keep in mind.

Do you like Diva Catwalk? When are you going to try these dresses out?

Love Xoxo Brenda

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