Portrait photography at home

Photography might not be right up everyone’s ally, but those who are looking into starting with portrait photography will definitely value this post. I will be sharing all the ins and outs to create portraits from a home studio. My partner and me started our photography hobby recently, while he takes the photos, I commit myself to finding the best lighting and editing. After all, teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Why a home studio?

If you are a person who enjoys photography, creating content or simply needs professional photos, a home studio will be your fix. I love to do a quick photoshoot with my partner, family and friends in the comfort of my own home. You decide the complete setup and process which gives you total freedom.


To create stunning portraits you will need some tools. First of all, a high quality camera with the right settings is a necessity. Without a camera, there are no photos. We use the Canon EOS R6 system camera with an all round lens, absolutely wonderful quality! Second of all, you will need a memory card for your camera to save the photos on to. For the home studio you will need a clear background. Occasionally we use a white wall or curtains like a background, but since we got a white backdrop system we have only taken photos with that tool as the background. Not to forget is the extremely important lighting. I would highly recommend to get two large, rectangular soft boxes and a curved reflector for portraits. With this lighting setup the portraits will look flawless and flattered.


A very important part to a good portrait is the editing of the light and imperfections. No one is perfect and no one should be perfect, but sometimes a little editing can really level up a portrait. I edit all my photos in Lightroom. The paid subscriptions is definitely worth it and gives you freedom over your photos. I usually make all my photos cooler and brighten white tints, it is just my editing style. Whenever I feel like a photo needs more heavy editing, I will continue in photoshop. In photoshop I remove backgrounds, imperfections, dandruff, but to be honest the options are limitless. However, my photoshop skills definitely have their limit. I would highly recommend to search short tutorials on YouTube when you want to edit a small feature, just because Photoshop has too many options and it would take a month to figure it out on your own.


A portrait is never complete without a model. For modeling poses inspiration can be found online and the best poses just feel natural. The model should just try different things for different shoot ideas. I uploaded some examples at the bottoms of this post!

Would you like a home studio?

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Xoxo Brenda

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