Outfit inspiration

Cobalt blue is one of my top 10 most flattering colors, no wonder I love to wear this vibrant shade on a daily basis. This signature look is my go to outfit when I want to look classy yet feminine. I just pop myself in a nice pencil dress in a gorgeous color, pop on some feminine shoes, earrings and a neutral handbag. I think outfits like these look classy yet bubbly. Neutrals are of course a safer option, and this outfit would look great in a neutral color too. It is just that I love wearing bold colors so much!

The classic pencil dress that I am wearing is from Diva Catwalk. Made in England with perfection. These dresses hug the female curves so well and look ultra feminine yet sophisticated. I am wearing the Banbury model in a size small in the color cobalt blue.

Feminine dresses, like this dress, helps us women to step into our femininity. I choose to dress in color to make my fashion more outspoken. Elegance does not have to mean you are boring or strictly introverted. Elegance is about the way you carry yourself and how you interact with the world. Elegance comes from the heart and thus elegance can take shape in different fashion styles. I personally feel like that the majority of people dress too casual and in mostly dark colors, such as black. When you want to uplift, upgrade and level up yourself it is a wonderful idea to reconsider your personal brand that you are portraying to the world. Do you want to be associated with black? Do you want to be associated with bland clothing? Do you want to be associated with casual looks? Reflecting upon yourself is a powerful tool to level up. As shown in the pictures, I chose to level up my wardrobe with classic silhouettes, flattering colors and high quality shoes, bags and accessories.

Would you wear something like my blue go-to outfit?

Xoxo Brenda

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