4 Things I wish I knew sooner

Never look back, unless you want to see how far you have come. The present, as the name itself states, is a gift to us and it would be a waste of this present to drift away in the past or the future. Only the here and now matters. However, living in the here and now there are some things I wish I knew before I entered my 20s to make life even more spectacular. Since I discovered these crucial bits already, I would love to share it with you to help you on your journey to achieve all your dreams and desires. No matter your age, this wisdom is applicable to all ages and generations.

My number one advice is invest. Honestly, the reasons that I did not start to invest my money sooner is because I was afraid to lose and I was afraid I might needed the money later. Those excuses to not invest, turned out to be fully baloney since I invested my savings a couple years later anyway. I started out on the stock market with blue chip stocks, think about Apple, Google and Amazon shares. These investments are solid and are definitely growing your wealth in the long term. After 6 months I made roughly a 12% profit. After those 6 months I decided it was time for some more risk and I started investing in cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and RXP. My wealth has increased tremendously and I would highly advice anyone to invest their money either in blue chip stocks on the normal stock market or on the main cryptocurrencies. Our fiat currencies are deflating every year, while you could actually make money with your savings. Choose smart, invest. Like Warren Buffett stated: the golden rule to investing is to sell high and buy low.

My second advice is to follow your heart in terms of passion and invest in your skills/talents you use for that passion. Life is so magical and amazing as long as you are following your purpose. And finding your purpose is easy: follow your passion. This might mean for some of us that our purpose is to leave your footprint on the world by being a fantastic mom, or changing the industry you work in, adding value to the life of others as a nurse, etcetera. When you find what makes your heart happy, invest your time and resources in those things that you need to feel happy. I studied commercial economics and as much I enjoy marketing and sales, my heart is really set on writing and educating. Hence I started this website in order to help women on their feminine journey.

My third advice is to read more. Books are filled with wisdom, knowledge and experience that we can literally reach at our finger tips. Books are incredibly valuable and unfortunately as we grow older we have so many things to do that reading is not always our priority. No one can take away your knowledge, wisdom and experiences. That makes reading so powerful. I personally love the books Unlimited by John Wick, the Secret-series by Rhonda Byrne, the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and Atomic Habits by James Clear.

My fourth and last advice is evolve mentally. The world is not your enemy and you have the power over your emotions. By being open, and not defensive, you will attract magic into your life. Taking responsibility and not stressing about the unimportant stuff will truly transform your life. It is your life, you create your own life and you create your life by your mind and actions. Positivity will attract positivity, responsibility will attract growth, calmness will attract serenity and openness will attract value. Be open to receive.

I would love to hear any advice you might have for others, feel free to leave a comment!

I wish you a wonderful week! Xoxo Brenda

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