How to: Your own Signature Style

Do you have a signature style? A signature style resembles the best parts of you and people remember you by your signature look. Like the characters from Sex and the City each of them had their own unique style, like Carrie the lovely fashionista, Samantha the sexy bombshell, Charlotte the classic elegant lady and Miranda the business babe in Autumn colors. These fabulous characters are hard to forget and their style and preferences inspired many of us still to this day. One note we can take from these ladies is to develop and design our own signature styles to enhance our life. A signature style is designed to last you at least a decade and possibly a whole lifetime with some adjustments. This style will enhance you to look always put together and representative while making your life much simpler.

Some of us may already have a signature style. Whereas you developed your style consciously or subconsciously does not really matter, as long as you feel good with your style. All that matters is that you feel great! For those who want to develop their style more in depth or want to start developing their style, I have created a frame for you to dive into the specific features that make your style you.

This Signature Style frame helps you to get clear about who you want to be and what your signature style is in order to feel more put together and feminine. Personally this frame helped me tremendously by imagining all the things that I aspire to be. It is so much fun to think about all the things you can be and achieve, the world is really yours!


Signature perfume: (For example: Givenchy L’Interdit)

Hair color: (For example: darkest brown)

Eyes: (For example: dark brown)

Hairstyle: (For example: straight, wavy loose. Always classic, like high ponytail or sleek bun or front hair tucked back in clip)



Clothing colors:






Fave flowers:

Fave color: baby pink.

Signature dish to prepare for hosting:

Signature snacks:

Signature music:

Signature pets:


Wall colors:









Love language:

Your signature greeting:

Your signature goodbye:

How do you introduce yourself:

Are you using this framework to get more in depth with the development of your signature style?

Have a lovely day, Ladies! Xoxo Brenda

Signature style: fashionista
Signature style: Fashionista

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