Wishlist: Swimwear 2021

Bikinis, bathing suits, cover ups and sandals, can we ever get enough?! I always found the best time to shop for new clothes is right before or at the start of the season. Ultimately, swimwear items are always catching my eye in spring. Maybe because the new collections are in store, or because all the cute items and sizes are still available in time before the summer destination holidays, I just love to buy swimwear well before the ‘swimming’ season. This year I know exactly what I am looking for: timeless beach classics. Nothing beats a classic, in my opinion, and I love the timeless look combined with a feminine style. So my quest is clear and I am so excited to show you the pieces that are on my wishlist. I hope this summer we can all look fabulous and confident!

Norma Kamali

Feminine, retro yet timeless and trendy. Norma Kamali did it again with her 2021 collection. I personally love these items so much! The items will look so chic with a nice sandal, like the Hermès Oran or a Chanel one combined with a fabulous sun hat. Can you also already picture yourself in these items on a glamorous beach in Mykonos?

Oh how fabulous are these? Which one is your favorite? I love the Bill halter neck in black or white so much! And yes I am fully aware that some of the pieces I am showing are from previous collections. However, these styles do come back every collection in different colors. Let us all hope the pink colors makes a comeback this season as well!

Besides that I already ordered this gorgeous retro piece in blue. I am already envisioning myself with some cat eye sunnies sipping on a fruity cocktail with some cute white heeled sandals.

What are beach wear brands you love? And what is your favorite piece?

Have a lovely day! Xoxo Brenda

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