Review: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Eye

Did you ever dream about being a Hollywood star while looking at your reflection in the mirror? I sure have a million times, those dreamy Hollywood mirrors framed with round light bulbs always speak to my inner star. In addition, I strongly believe there is an inner star in all of us. We just express our inner star differently. For me, creativity lets my inner star express herself. This manifests in the creativity that I put into my makeup that I apply on a daily basis. Especially this grooming ritual makes me feel glamorous like an old Hollywood Star.

And I am so excited that Charlotte Tilbury channelled this glamorous vanity feeling in her Hollywood collection! First of all, Charlotte Tilbury is the epitome of glamorous cosmetics with the rose gold and retro glam packaging combined with luxurious colors and exquisite product quality. I have to admit, I am a huge fan of her brand so I had to try her eyeshadow palettes as well. Normally I opt for large eyeshadow palettes with many colors, but recently I discovered that I actually want smaller palettes, with 3 or 4 eyeshadow colors in a palette. When I create a makeup look with eyeshadow most of the time I only use a maximum of 4 colors and for a nice and quick daily makeup it is so much more convenient to have a thorough selection of eyeshadow that you love. This Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Eye Filter qua saves space on your vanity, in your makeup bag and saves you time on application. The eyeshadows are gorgeous, easy to apply and just beautiful. The sparkles reflect the light very flattering on the eyes, truly providing that Hollywood glow. There is no fall out, the shadows are pressed nicely and not too soft, while the colors are luxurious.

I mean look at that glow!

What do you think of this eyeshadow palIette from Charlotte Tilbury? Will it give you your Hollywood Diva lights?

I wish you a blessed week! Xoxo Brenda

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