Review: Designer belt Louis Vuitton Initiales 30 MM reversible

On some days we all feel like a simple outfit will make us feel good. Especially on those rainy days where we decide we want to spend the day inside the comfort of our home. Those simple outfits may be very comfortable, however we should never have to wear boring clothes. To instantly elevate a simple outfit one would simply add accessoires. High quality and feminine accessoires make an outfit or lady stand out. Most of us ladies love to wear our jewelry. Although not everyone would agree, I love to wear earrings, a necklace, bracelets and a ring as my signature jewelry. Whenever the earrings are a little more dramatic, the necklace that I will chose will be more delicate to balance out the overall look of these accessoires. I am not in favor of the heavy looks on me personally. Although signature jewelry adds that personal touch and femininity, sometimes our outfits deserve a tad bit more of love and affection. Maybe a beautiful silk scarf, woolen hat or that perfect belt to accentuate your waist.

Since I had always dreamed about the perfect designer belt, I got gifted with this pretty Louis Vuitton piece. The iconic Monogram print on this belt matches with my beloved LV purse. I love the gold hardware and the logo buckle is very aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. Since all my trousers are high wasted and I love to accentuate my waist while wearing certain dresses, I was looking for a belt that could be worn around the waist. Now I have quite a small waist, measured at 58cm on some days to 62 cm on bloated days, which resulted in this search for a belt being quite difficult. Luckily the LV Initiales 30 MM Reversible Monogram Canvas belt in 75cm is perfect for me! I can wear this lovely belt with all my trousers and dresses. The reversible side of the belt is in black leather, so with this belt you actually get 2-in-1 which I love! Especially during travel I can see my myself bringing this classic piece since it is so versatile.

And did I mention, how amazing the service and delivery is of Louis Vuitton Europe? Fast, reliable and greatly packaged. I am a huge fan!

How would you style this belt?

Xoxo Brenda

Louis Vuitton Monogram Initiales 30 MM belt in 75 cm, reversible to black leather. How gorgeous?!
The classic packaging of Louis Vuitton items in orange packaging with an electric blue ribbon: cute!

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