How to: Gel nails at home!

Some ladies love it, some ladies find it a waste of time, but one thing is sure: the beauty salon does pamper us. From all the beauty treatments available getting your nails done is probably the most popular. The look of a fresh manicure, or new set of acrylics gives our hands a youthful and gorgeous appearance, do you not agree? Usually I opt for some soft baby pink colors or strong reds on my nails. Those rose toned polishes give a very feminine feel to your hands, what I absolutely adore. Since going to the nail salon is very time consuming and the beauty salons are not always available (especially during lockdowns), I decided to take matters onto my own hands.

Creamy baby pink gel nail polish at home from Aliexpres
Light pink gel polish for nails at home from Aliexpres. How cute is that adorable sparkle in the baby pink polish!

After hours of research I came to the conclusion that we ladies can easily apply Gel nail polish to our own hands at home. Obviously we need the right equipment to handle this job, so I researched some more. Eventually I ordered this strong UV lamp from . The magic sits in ordering an UV lamp with a high Watt percentage, anything above 200W is fine. I got a baby pink lamp 220W for approximately 20 dollars. In addition to this order I added some gel polishes from the Aliexpres brand Rosalind. I truly recommend all these products since they have been working perfectly for my manicures. The gel polish stays on my fingernails for 2 weeks and on my toenails for 4 weeks.

This is how you do it!

  • Nail file: to file your nails in the desired shape
  • UV lamp: dry every layer of polish for 60 seconds under the lamp. You can paint all 5 nails on one hand before you use the lamp.
  • gel base polish: a base polish for the color you apply later. Apply in an even layer. Dry this layer under the lamp.
  • gel color polish: the color polish! Apply two or three layers while you dry each layer under the lamp.
  • gel topcoat polish: seal your color in with the topcoat. Apply one final layer and dry under the lamp.
  • nail cleanse surface solution: apply the cleanser on a cotton ball and wipe all your manicured nails to remove the sticky layer of the gel polish. And, Voila, you are ready!

Easy peasy lemon squeeze! Much more efficient than going to the beauty salon in times of hurry.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and I would love to know:

What is the color you are wearing on your nails right now?

Enjoy your weekend, Gorgeous!

Xoxo Brenda

Creamy baby pink gel nail polish at home from Aliexpres
Creamy baby pink gel nail polish at home from Aliexpres

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