Review: Designer bag Louis Vuitton Cluny MM

As a woman who enjoys the finer things in life, I can surely state that I love designer handbags. My collection is not complete yet, but the most recent edition to my closet is the Louis Vuitton Cluny MM handbag. This handbag is beautifully structured in a classic shape with the ICONIC Louis Vuitton Monogram print. Oh how I love that monogram! I have been dreaming about a Louis Vuitton bag in Monogram leather for years, with some help from the Law of Attraction and my beloved partner I finally can call this gem of a statement piece mine.

Since we are still in a European wide lockdown, my partner and I could not go to the physical Louis Vuitton Boutique. Instead of waiting for the lockdown to end, we decided to order the beautiful handbag from the official European website: . I had never ordered from their webshop before. Hence I found out that the collection was not fully in stock. At first I considered choosing an Alma MM in classic Monogram leather. Although this particular item was not in stock, my eye also fell on the Cluny BB & the Cluny MM. The Cluny BB was also out of stock and a bit smaller than the Cluny MM. Furthermore, the difference between the bags is in the color of the complementary shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is pink for the BB size and a bright blue for the MM size. I have to say that I both love pink and blue to bits and decided to go for the Cluny MM, since I was in need of a slight bigger handbag anyways. So I chose this absolute gem of a designer piece. The LV Cluny MM is my first Louis Vuitton item and I could not be happier with my choice.

Designer bag: Louis Vuitton Cluny MM in Iconic Monogram leather

The Louis Vuitton order arrived quickly within a couple days. I was truly surprised by the gorgeous packaging and fast delivery, which took roughly 3 days. The ordering process was smooth and exactly as how one would expect it to be. A total breeze.

Underneath I posted a photo of me and my Ragdoll Sapphire. We both love the classy handbag! Such a staple piece within a timeless wardrobe for elegant ladies.

My Ragdoll kitten and the designer bag: Louis Vuitton Cluny MM in Iconic Monogram leather
Iconic orange packaging of Louis Vuitton order
Louis Vuitton Cluny MM showcased on one of my friends: what an iconic statement handbag with the Monogram print!

In my opinion the handbag has the ideal size and is exactly what I was looking for: an elegant handbag that will go well with many outfits when I wish to take some more items with me. I cannot wait for the lockdown to lift, so I can take this handbag out with me to lunch, day trips to the city and business meetings. Would you see yourself wearing this piece?

I wish you a lovely day!

Xoxo Brenda

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