First things first

Like with all things in life, you can never make a first impression twice. So here I am, nice to meet you, my name is Brenda Felicia. And I will be your source into a world full of all things feminine.

This is me: wearing an elegant dress in Cape Town.
This is me: wearing an elegant dress in Cape Town.

How I came up with this idea? In an always changing and evolving world, we females have also evolved and developed in certain different branches. First of all, we have more rights now than 50 years ago, we can venture into careers, and lastly, we are no longer expected to just marry and pop babies. However, during this process it seems that true femininity has become scarce. Since the feminine woman, with feminine qualities, has a much harder time to flourish in the society that we live in today, because now it is expected from women to study, make a career, find a partner and a 50/50 relationship. Indeed those expectations require a very masculine mindset and acts. This results in the feminine qualities of a woman being pushed out of her repertoire. Subsequently, a woman with stronger masculine qualities and mindset will attract a 50/50 man, who will have feminine qualities to balance the woman out. Personally everything about such a life, relationship and mindset does not match with me. We are woman, we flourish when we can be more feminine. Being able to be in your feminine energy will provide a feeling of safety and belonging. Accordingly feminine energy is about receiving, living in the moment, nurturing & supporting, creativity, intuition, empathy, trust and being fluid.

Everyday I try to dive into my femininity a little bit deeper. I do this through creativity with drawing, painting and writing. For instance I create home cooked meals with love and try to bake new recipes every week. In addition to this, I believe it is highly important for a woman to feel put together in order to feel beautiful and feminine. To achieve this feeling of being put together and ready to take on the world, I put on a fresh makeup look nearly every morning, with a well kept hairstyle and a fashion outfit that makes me feel like I am radiating. All these daily practices help me step into my feminine side a little deeper. As well as, the daily nurturing of my partner and our cat. In fact, everyday I make sure that I am supportive and empathic. Of course, sometimes challenges occur, but ultimately it is about trusting the process and your true love. Fortunately, I am blessed with a masculine partner who provides me with the life in which I am able to expand my feminine energy. Furthermore, I want to add to this that it feels so naturally good to be in receiving energy, to trust the process and I wish this lifestyle for all women out there. Every woman deserves to feel like a woman. Every woman deserves all her desires to come true. Truth is, the power lays within ourselves. We are the one who can empower.

My contribution to a guide to femininity starts here, where I will be sharing stories, fashion, tips and lifestyle for like minded souls. Our higher purpose is to develop the feminine energy within ourselves, to live life to the fullest without any regrets and a heart full of love. May your day be blessed.

xoxo Brenda

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